Auction Services

Have Your Own Auction

An alternative to an equipment consignment with McGrew Equipment Company is the option of having your own auction at your location managed and run by McGrew Equipment Company. 

You supply us with the auction site, the equipment, and the ancillary equipment necessary to support the auction. In exchange, McGrew Equipment Company will supply the manpower necessary to have the auction and nationwide marketing. We work with you to ensure that all needs are met, and all equipment is in place and ready for the auction. The McGrew Equipment Company personnel then conduct the auction both onsite and online with our three national bidding partners, provide the accounting for all transactions, and present you with a bill for the total commissions based on the sales. Your part in auction day is to walk among the crowd, greet friends and neighbors, and enjoy the proceedings – we do the rest.

Ready to host your own auction? Give us a call and we’ll provide you a quote.