April Employee Spotlight

CJ Cougle


This month’s employee spotlight shines on CJ Cougle, McGrew’s Information Specialist. CJ is responsible for researching, inspecting, and writing descriptions for every machine in the auction. He also operates equipment for videos and assists with photography as needed. CJ began working in the industry in February 2021, when he took over as McGrew’s primary picture-taker. For a few glorious weeks, he worked alongside his father, “Old Craig,” who was the information specialist at the time. CJ soon took over and has been honing his craft ever since.

In his spare time, you can usually find CJ fishing, hunting, or cruising on his Harley blasting some George Jones or Buck Owens. Folks are sometimes surprised to learn that he was a diver in high school and was ranked 42nd in the state. During this time, he earned the nickname “Shamu” after the killer whale at Sea World. One of CJ’s favorite memories is fishing with his father and grandfather on a little john boat on Lake Marburg when he was much younger.

CJ’s mentors at McGrew are Paul Anderson and Zach Innerst. Paul helps him achieve success daily and answers questions to help progress his knowledge. Zach paid him to say, “He taught me everything I know.”

CJ has learned more about applications for heavy machinery and what some agriculture equipment is used for. CJ has also begun to learn how to assess the value of equipment and hold his own at auctions. He managed to buy two Greg’s Gold pieces at the first auction he ever went to.

Hard work and lots of time go in every day to ensure our weekly auctions stay productive and successful… CJ is a big part of keeping our auctions running smoothly. That is why we’re proud to shine a spotlight on CJ this month!


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