December Employee Spotlight

Alyssa Badders


Our December Employee Spotlight shines on our Auction Coordinator, Alyssa Badders. Alyssa’s responsibilities range from uploading all the pictures and information to our 3 bidding platforms every week, to answering phones, assisting customers, and helping the truck drivers. She was introduced to the auction industry when she began with McGrew Equipment 2 years ago after seeing a job listing on Indeed!

When Alyssa isn’t hard at work preparing for our weekly auctions, you can find her spending most of the time with her family and 2 dogs. She has a 3-year-old Saint Berdoodle (St. Bernard & Poodle mix) named Sully who she says is her best friend. Her favorite hobbies are shopping and going to Starbucks! One thing her coworkers might be surprised to learn is she is the oldest of 14 grandchildren.

Alyssa considers her Mom to be her biggest inspiration both in & out of work, pushing her to be the best she can. She says without her Mom she wouldn’t be where she is in life today. Her favorite part about the job are her coworkers, saying they have become some of her best friends. “Being able to work together to get the job done is always fun!” Since starting at McGrew Equipment, she has learned to trust herself more. “Every failure gives you the chance to grow as a person and as an employee!”

We are appreciative of Alyssa’s hard work and dedication to her job, and always brings a light to everyone’s day with her bright and bubbly personality. That is why we are proud to shine December’s Employee Spotlight on her, thank you for everything you do!


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