February Employee Spotlight

Luis Gonzalez


This month’s employee spotlight is Luis Gonzalez, McGrew Equipment’s Auction Listing Agent. Luis photographs machines for the auction, proofreads the auction catalog, and sets the pace for the younger auction crew. He started with McGrew in the wash bay about four years ago and quickly became the best pressure washer Seven Valleys has ever seen. He then moved into the sales office and took charge of machine photography.

In his spare time, Luis enjoys playing music. He is bilingual and is often pressed into service as McGrew’s de facto translator for Spanish-speaking customers. His favorite memories are the years he spent living in Florida.

Luis is the mentor of the auction crew—he sets the pace for his younger colleagues and leads by example. He enjoys working with the crew and getting the job done. Over the past four years, Luis has learned how to operate equipment of all kinds in all states of repair and disrepair.

We appreciate the hard work Luis puts in every day, and that is why we are proud to shine our February Employee Spotlight on him. 


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