April 2024 Employee Spotlight

Roberto Ortega


McGrew Equipment’s March Employee Spotlight shines on Roberto Ortega, IT Assistant. From troubleshooting technical issues to ensuring smooth auctions every other Tuesday, Roberto’s expertise keeps our operations running seamlessly.

Before starting at McGrew, Roberto worked at a senior living facility, where he worked as the kitchen’s inventory manager and is glad to have worked in such different industries. Outside of work, Roberto enjoys spending time with family and friends, exploring museums, attending concerts, and indulging in gaming and coffee. Roberto has recently been exploring cooking, experimenting with dishes from various cultures.

Among Roberto’s favorite memories is a trip to Costa Rica with friends, reflecting his passion for travel and adventure. He draws inspiration from Marcial, his mentor, whose collaborative problem-solving approach has shaped Roberto’s professional growth.

Roberto’s favorite part of the job is visiting different locations for projects and ensuring smooth auctions. Through his tenure, he’s learned the importance of internet security and developed an interest in the farm and equipment industry.

Roberto Ortega’s diverse skill set, dedication, and passion make him an invaluable asset to our team. We’re proud to spotlight Roberto’s contributions and look forward to his continued success with us.


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