November Employee Spotlight

Jessica Alwine


McGrew Equipment’s November Employee Spotlight shines on Jessica Alwine, our Trucking Dispatcher. After working in education for 15 years, Jessica’s search for a change of pace brought her to McGrew a little over a year ago. Here at McGrew, Jessica works with customers to gather information about various commodities. She verifies the information for delivery locations, schedules pickups and orchestrates deliveries accordingly. She coordinates our in-house drivers to keep the equipment flowing not only in and out of our auction house, but also for other local deliveries.

Jessica’s spare time is filled by her family and her children’s many activities: tumbling, baseball, and many others. She also has a rowdy and energetic healer-pit mix named Ace who will not forget about his daily walks. She is a mom on the move in all aspects of life. Coworkers may be surprised to learn that Jess has a twin sister!

Jessica’s favorite part of the job is working with many different people from all over the world. She considers her surrounding coworkers as mentors in her career and appreciates those who have helped her learn the ropes in an ever-changing industry. Her communication skills and dedication make her a valuable member of our team, and we are proud to spotlight her this month. Thanks, Jess, for everything you do!


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